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    sudden enlightenment

    Joshua Panter – Friday, 9 August - 10:44 edit

Even when a bucket is filled drop by drop
there will come one moment when the bucket overflows
do not strive for this moment
merely be willing to allow it to occur
letting go of all outcomes
fully devote yourself to the path
immerse yourself in the teachings
drench yourself in the way and relentlessly practice

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    Joshua Panter – Monday, 15 July - 14:00

    Our task is to learn to notice and recognize the stories that we tell ourselves, seeing the effect that they have on us, and seeing them as stories, and not reality.

"The spiritual path is not about walking a thousand miles in a burning desert to finally arrive at an oasis where you can swim in an ambrosia-like lake with fairies who bring you a fine silk towel when you emerge from the water. As our obscurations become increasingly transparent, as we become less and less conditioned by our habitual tendencies, the causes of suffering will diminish and our wisdom will deepen." M. Riccard
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    Contact publication

    Joshua Panter – Friday, 28 June - 13:40 edit

Enlightened mind is merely a successful balance in awareness and appreciation of the contextual world with the tendency towards specificity and sharpness of focus. It is seeing the forest and the tree.
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    Joshua Panter – Tuesday, 25 June - 21:11 edit

    The greatest gift and source of strength that we have is to bear the pain of others without breaking.

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    Joshua Panter – Friday, 31 May - 14:37

    Our minds are not that efficient at discerning what's true from what's repeated often.